CNC Machining

Here at Circuit Case Engineering we have the know how to complete quick prototype parts in a matter of days! Our major advantage is that our in house engineers work with your project from start to finish from programing the CAM, cutting stock, machining the part in the CNC machine, packing and shipping to your office! This is great because our engineers expertise provide tips a cheaper DFM. Job brokers do not do this and brush off these problems as they only send the parts out to shops.


Our sweet spot for CNC milling is for a part in the boundaries of a bounding box of 8"x6"x1"... and 8"x4"x4"               






Our sweet spot for CNC turning work (lathe) is within a bounding box of 6" long and 1" OD



Electronic Packaging

We specialize in sheet metal, machined and plastic electronics enclosures smaller than a breadbox.  We can quickly get you from concept to manufacturing. We can meet any compliance requirements you may have.

Electronic Enclosure

Electronic Enclosure

We can take your schematics and layout the connectors, buttons, or other enclosure interfaces in Solidworks. This will give you a logical user interface.

We look at any high frequency and look for a solution to locally shield them. We also look at any hot components and determine a cooling solution.  We also design around any heavy components so they handle shock and vibe. If it is a complicated design, we bring in our FEA person.

We then double check everything for ease of assembly. This is generally a good time for in-house 3D prints to make sure the form factors are correct.

At this point, the board goes off to the PCB Designer. This can be your PCB Designer or you can contract one of ours. We supply them with drawings, dxf, and solid models of PCBs and keep out zones. It becomes a bit of a back and forth to make sure everything works together.

Once the design is finished, we can source PCBs or PCAs or you can. At the same time those are being made, we can make the enclosures in-house or through are partners. We can also make any assembly fixtures or test equipment.

Within a short period of time, we have a functional prototype for testing. This can be used to test electronic functionality as well as mechanical. We can drop test, ingress test, and verify any FEA boundary conditions.   TEST TEST TEST!!!

If there are issues, we can quickly rework or spin the design. We were successful in quickly finding the problems we cannot see in CAD. We can fix them before they multiply in higher volume or make it to the field.

If the design is a success we can help source PCB and assembly manufacturing. We work with vendors who can drop ship product.



We can design and build alignment fixtures, gluing fixtures, or press fixtures. We can also quickly design and make bare bone fixtures for testing products such as lasers and sensors.

LED housings

LED housings

Machined Test Fixture

Machined Test Fixture 

Test Equipment

We can help you with your bed of nails or other test needs. We can quickly turnkey XYZ automation machines.

Large fiberglass XYZ table

Large fiberglass XYZ table